Surya Golds. Pvt. Ltd


At Surya, virtually everything we create (be it Gold Jewellery or Diamond Jewelry) is a work of art! Skilled hands, sharp eyes and creative minds combine to transform gold and diamonds into sheer works of art.

Inspired by his grandfather, Naresh Shoor established Surya Golds over 15 years ago in Jalandhar, a city in the northern Indian State of Punjab. As the business grew gradually expanding to other destinations was the need of the times.

It was then that Ramesh K Shoor and Dinesh Shoor commenced operations in Mumbai under the able supervision of Naresh Shoor. Since then, Surya Golds has established itself among the most trusted names in jewellery manufacturing.

Surya Golds has established an Ingredient Branding Partnership with Signity. The CZ studded jewellery bears not just a mark of excellence, but also an assurance of quality that is recognised the world over.

Explore the product catalogue on our website to get an insight into our showcase. Surya Golds also seeks export inquiries from interested parties and promises to deliver to the best of our abilities.